Here is a special message from Kim Schiff, who volunteers in our Children's Education Programs:

Dear friends,

Thank you for being a friend to the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden! I hope you’ll take the time to think about what Kruckeberg means to you and this community and donate to the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Foundation today. Your donations let us all share in this wonderful resource!

Carolyns grandkids permission to useVolunteering here has given me a unique look at all the things that happen at KBG. I feel good when I’m here, and I feel pride in contributing to this incredible place.

I volunteer with the children’s education programs – Garden Tots and school field trips. I’m also a member and I shop (a lot!) in the MsK Nursery. Getting to know the staff, volunteers, and members that support the Garden has made me feel so connected here. At KBG, gardeners, artists, teachers, scientists, and administrators all come together to share our love of plants with the public. To keep this place growing we need donations from you. The Garden provides a place for people to be outside, touch trees and nature, and breathe fresh air.

When I saw an ad to volunteer here with the Garden Tots and leading school field trips, I thought, “Yes, I love to paint rocks and make stick monsters!” The Enchanted Forest and Gnome Depot had just been installed as places where kids can play and explore the forest on their own. At Kruckeberg Botanic Garden I can make a difference doing things I love with people who also love plants and like to have fun while learning.

I am all about the outdoor classroom. In Garden Tots, we like to say kids get a teaspoon of science and a load of fun! We race snails, use glitter glue, and weave bark and grass into works of art. Then the kids and their families explore the Garden looking for signs of spiders, different shaped leaves, or flowers. In Garden Tots, kids discover nature at their own speed. They carry these experiences with them, and they shape their understanding of the world.

Barred Owl 2007 2

During a recent elementary school field trip, I was leading the art project in the amphitheater. The class and I were talking about layers in the forest, and looking way up and way down because you never know what you will see. And what do you know? A beautiful barred owl sat on a branch above. He watched us approvingly and then flew away in silence. The kids were all so excited; they couldn’t wait to tell their teachers and classmates about the owl. Talk about an outdoor classroom! That’s an experience they’ll remember and treasure, that joy of seeing something new in nature.

Since I’ve been volunteering for KBG I’ve also become a donor. I donate because I am always happier being here. I benefit in many ways from being at the Garden, but mostly it just makes me feel good. The garden, the people, the kids, fresh air, they all add up to a magical experience.

Kruckeberg Botanic Garden is providing kids and adults with unique experiences all the time. Whether you see an owl, pause to watch a leaf fall, or (soon) listen to water in the stream, each time you come it is different and memorable. Isn’t it great to have this right in our backyard?The children’s educational programs are going strong at KBG because of support from our community. We charge a nominal fee, but most of the cost of these programs are paid through your donations. I know the staff does all they can to keep costs down so that more students can come and enjoy the Garden.

I know our community is stronger because of Kruckeberg Botanic Garden, and the Garden is stronger because of you. Please donate what you can today, everything helps us grow stronger. Thank you for helping provide a place for kids to learn, for me to volunteer, and for an owl to land.

Thank you so much,

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Kim Schiff
Education Volunteer at the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden

PS. Your tax-deductible donation will help the Garden thrive!  Click here to donate securely online today!