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Have you always wanted to learn more about the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with the public? Want to join a fun, vibrant group of volunteers? 





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Leprechauns in the Garden!

The Kruckeberg Botanic Garden is a magical place, just perfect for leprechauns and other enchanted creatures. We have welcomed them with our Enchanted Village, but with St. Patrick's Day on the way, leprechaun mischief at the Garden is on the rise, and we need your help to keep those sneaky leprechauns in line!  

Join us during March to celebrate the magic of spring with a month-long free Leprechaun Hunt. See if you can find a leprechaun, or at least some of the treasures they have left behind, along with the many treaures of the coming spring!

On Saturday, March 15, we will be celebrating all things leprechaun during our Spring Kickoff Plant Sale.

We will be building Leprechaun Trap Container Gardens all morning (10am-12pm), and kids with a flair for the dramatic can join our drama workshops - Little Leprechauns (ages 3-6) from 10-10:50 or Leaping Leprechauns (ages 7-11) from 11-11:50.

Please visit each activity's event page for fees and registration details.


Appeal from the KBGF Executive Director

Dear friend of KBGF,

Helwingia chinensis

The Kruckeberg Botanic Garden (KBG) is an important part of the Northwest horticultural community, and it resonates differently with each person.

Why is KBG important to me? It was the first place I saw a Helwingia chinensis (Helwingia) in bloom, one of two species in an uncommon genus. I had never before seen a plant that flowered from the midrib of the leaf and I was amazed. KBG is important to me because the garden was a botany lesson every time I visited. Dr. Kruckeberg would always quiz me on my botanical knowledge, as he still does to this day! I learn something new each time I walk through the garden.

Think for a moment. Why is KBG important to you?  Today, I ask you to give to KBGF to support our efforts to preserve and maintain the garden and the plant collection.

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Wood Wave Rides to KBG

Installation of Wood Wave at KBG

On September 26, a 10-ton forklift moved a major sculpture through the yards of two neighbors into the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden.  Many months of planning culminated in bringing Wood Wave to rest on concrete footings in the meadow at the garden. 

The sculpture, titled "Wood Wave," is a contemporary piece by California artist Bruce Johnson ( made from a 1,000-year-old redwood root system. This visually complex and stunning piece is also monumental in size, weighing over four tons and measuring 8x12x10 feet. Installing this sculpture likely represents the largest transit of a piece of art in the region since the siting of pieces at the SAM Sculpture park!


Request for Qualifications - Graphic Designer

Update October 1, 2013: This position has been filled. 

The Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Foundation (KBGF) is soliciting for statement of qualifications (SOQ) from individuals or firms interested ina ssisting KBGF with a rebrand of the organization and a redesign of the logo. KBGF is looking to overhaul our marketing efforts by hiring a professional graphic designer to lead our rebranding strategy. Rebranding will include a new logo and letterhead, a revised website, updated brochures, and an overall style-guide.

More information about the RFQ is available below:

KBGF Request for Qualifications - Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist.pdf