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Wood Wave Rides to KBG

Installation of Wood Wave at KBG

On September 26, a 10-ton forklift moved a major sculpture through the yards of two neighbors into the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden.  Many months of planning culminated in bringing Wood Wave to rest on concrete footings in the meadow at the garden. 

The sculpture, titled "Wood Wave," is a contemporary piece by California artist Bruce Johnson ( made from a 1,000-year-old redwood root system. This visually complex and stunning piece is also monumental in size, weighing over four tons and measuring 8x12x10 feet. Installing this sculpture likely represents the largest transit of a piece of art in the region since the siting of pieces at the SAM Sculpture park!

 "Wood Wave" is the largest donation of art in the history of Shoreline, both in terms of size and value ($50,000).

Unlike most art, this sculpture is meant to be touched, climbed upon, and explored. it complies with playground regulations for safety and entrapment and sits upon a bed of manufactured playground chips. We invite you to visit the piece during garden open hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm (closes at 3 pm November - February).

Images and Videos of the Installation

This installation was highlighted in many media outlets around town. Interviews with the artist were highlighted on the 11 o'clock news, and photos of the installation were included in the Seattle Times. Click on the links below to see images and videos of the installation:

Seattle Times - Wood Wave Rides to Botanic Garden

Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Facebook page - Installation Photographs

Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Youtube page - Installation Videos

Dedication Ceremony

Join the City of Shoreline and the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Foundation for a dedication of this magnificent piece on November 16 at 12:15 pm.  We will honor the artist, Bruce Johnson, and the donors, Bruce and JoAnn Amundson for their contributions to this piece.