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Share a Piece of Your Garden with KBG

bulbOur parking lot is complete and now comes the enjoyable next step...replanting. Do you have a piece of the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden flourishing in your garden? Would you like to give back? We are currently accepting donations of rare, unique, native, and exotic species of bulbs consistent with KBG's plant acquisition policies. If you are interested in sharing a piece of your garden with KBG, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

More information about our Plant Acquisition Policies:

The following guidelines will be used to guide acquisition of new plant material for the Garden’s collection.

  • The native flora of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is a primary theme in the Garden. The PNW is defined as the region ranging from Northern California to parts of the Northern Rockies west to Montana and north to British Columbia.

  • For plants not native to the PNW, plants from similar climatic zones and plants taxonomically related to our native flora should have preference. Due to climatic similarity and biogeographic connection, East Asian plants are a strong preference. Secondarily, other cool temperate Mediterranean climates will provide valuable components to the Garden.

  • The collection will maintain a preference for plants in naturally occurring form, including natural hybrids and varieties, over garden hybrids and cultivars.

  • Several taxonomic groups and one specialized ecological habitat were of particular interest to the Garden founders and are of particular value to the collection. These include the oaks, conifers, and the serpentine species. Other groups that fit well include the maples, witch hazels, and the hydrangea family. In addition, the continued expansion of woodland herbaceous perennials is desirable and permits increased biodiversity within limited space.

  • Acquisition of herbaceous plants commonly found in the Garden should be sourced from plants located in the Garden (not from an outside source). Examples include: Cyclamen hederifolium or C.coum, mondo grass, Vancouveria hexandra, Anemone groundcovers, common native groundcovers such as Maianthemum stellata, and Carex obnupta.

  • The Garden should avoid the use of showy displays of cultivated plants for aesthetic purposes only.

The acquisition of species that do not fit these guidelines is strongly discouraged.