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We're hiring a Director

We're hiring! We are currently seeking a Director to manage KBGF and the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden. Applications are currently being accepted and we would love to hear from qualified individuals.

Please direct all inquiries and application materials via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Position: Director

Category: Exempt, full time

Location: Shoreline, Washington

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The Director provides leadership, direction, and management for the Foundation and represents the Garden to the public. The Director will be the primary administrator/manager of the Garden, responsible for preserving and expanding the Garden’s plant collection. Other tasks include acting as the primary contact with the City of Shoreline, coordinating with the Development Associate and the Board to oversee fundraising, managing staff, working with the Board committees, and budgeting.

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Garden Management

  • Manage a four-acre botanic garden in accord with the guiding principles established by Art and Mareen Kruckeberg.
  • Oversee maintenance of the existing collection and implementation of a long-term curation plan for the Garden.
  • Work with the Garden Committee to develop new plantings and garden projects.
  • Develop and maintain over time a database for plant collections and nursery stock.
  • Supervise the Garden Staff and provide oversight of nursery operations.


  • Establish organizational goals with the Board of Directors consistent with the mission of the KBGF.
  • Work with staff and the Board to create annual work plans for Garden operations.
  • Monitor and regularly report on progress towards goals.
  • Establish policies and procedures in conjunction with the Board of Directors.


  • Work with the Board and Development Associate to create and implement a development strategy and implementation to ensure its effectiveness.
  • Meet individually with members, donors, and funders to assist with development efforts.
  • Work with the Board to strengthen existing revenue streams and develop new ones.
  • Write grants for garden-related projects.

City Relations

  • Maintain a strong collaborative partnership with the City of Shoreline.
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with City staff on all issues relating to the City’s ownership of the property and its involvement in such areas as facilities maintenance.


  • Oversee the creation of an effective system of keeping business records.
  • Develop an annual budget for Board approval with the Treasurer and Finance Committee.
  • Ensure compliance with approved budgets; propose revisions as necessary.
  • Assure the maintenance of accurate and timely records of Garden operations. Make periodic financial reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Conduct official correspondence of the organization jointly with the President and Secretary of the Board of Directors and execute legal documents jointly with designated officers.
  • Provide for the appropriate control and accountability of all physical assets and other property.
  • Protect the Garden’s legal interests and 501(c)(3) status and maintain its operations within the law.

Community Relations/Marketing

  • Work with the Marketing Committee and staff to create and implement a strategic marketing plan to raise the visibility and stature of the Garden with the community, (prospective) donors, businesses, other organizations, and the general public.
  • Publish the E-News each month focusing on what’s happening in the Garden.
  • Maintain the website and oversee production of promotional materials.
  • Expand and enhance contacts with appropriate local, regional, and national non-profit boards, arts organizations, conservation groups, gardens, businesses, and schools.
  • Explore and develop strategic alliances with community and business leaders, regional organizations, and media outlets to further the mission of the Garden.
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson for the Foundation to the media and in other settings.

Staff Management

  • Assume responsibility for the recruitment, employment, professional development, disciplinary action, rewards, and release of all paid personnel. Ensure that staff and programs are provided with appropriate oversight and support systems to accomplish their annual goals. The Garden staff, Development Associate, and Program Director report directly to the Director.
  • Ensure that job descriptions are developed and annual goals are established for each employee, that regular performance evaluations are held, and that sound human resource practices are in place and followed.
  • Maintain a climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse staff of top-quality people.

Other Duties

  • Support activities associated with the Board of Directors. Assume related responsibilities as appropriate or as assigned by the Board.
  • Meet as needed with the President and Executive Committee.


  • Bachelor’s degree in horticulture, botany, or other garden-related discipline; master’s degree preferred
  • Experience working with an arboretum, public garden, environmental or educational institution
  • Record of success raising money for a non-profit
  • Responsible administrative experience working for a non-profit, some of which shall have been in a supervisory position
  • Experience working with a board of directors, budgets, and strategic plans
  • Strong communication skills
  • Appreciation of diverse cultures, working styles, and perspectives
  • Computer proficiency and database experience


The Director reports to the KBGF Board of Directors.

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