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Celebrate Spring Bulbs and Ephemerals for an Entire Weekend

e.oreganumIf you have been to the Kruckeberg Garden in the spring, then you have hopefully noticed that we like spring bulbs and ephemeral plants. They are everywhere! This year, to kick off the MsK Nursery’s open season, we have a special bulb and ephemeral-themed weekend planned March 2-4. Join us as we celebrate these lovely spring flowers!

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KBGF's Newest Staff Member Invites You For a Tour

KBGF's newest staff member, Development Associate Aaron Silverberg, wants to invite our e-newsletter, website, and blog readers (you!) to visit the Garden for a free introductory tour. Have you never been here, or at least not in a while? Perhaps you would like to come on a guided tour for the first time? Read on!

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The First Cyclamen of 2012

witchhazelI felt a small thrill when the Garden’s first flowering Cyclamen coum of 2012 was spotted today. Soon they will be everywhere! January is a great time to relax indoors, but it can also be a great time to get outside and visit gardens in the Northwest.

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The Witches' Broom Crashes Down

witches_broom_2Garden visitors in past years may have noticed the witches’ broom growing in the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) near the Garden’s entrance. Witches’ brooms are abnormally dense growth in a woody plant triggered by physical damage, insect infestation, a parasite, or disease. Well, ours hit the ground this week when its branch snapped. No surprise there – I put it on a scale and it weighed almost 30 pounds!

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The Garden Staff's Plant Picks for Winter

Winter is now upon us, and with the new season comes an appreciation of a new set of plants. The plants that shone over the summer and fall now fade into the background, and only a select group of plants earn our admiration during the gray days of winter. What are our Garden staff’s favorites for the winter season? Read on!

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Fall Fungi

mushroomThough mushrooms can be found throughout the year, there is a flush of them each Fall. A walk through the Garden this season reveals a multitude, and we are thrilled to now have an online list of the fungi found in the Garden.