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Fall is Fern Reproduction Time!

By Heidi Koonz, KBGF Staff Horticulturist

It’s getting to that time of year where many gardeners are itching to ‘work’ in their gardens again.  Ordering seed catalogs, planning for fall planting, etc. are enough to keep the leagues of the green thumbed ones happy in the interim.  But what about trying your hand at something new?  Have you looked at any of your ferns lately?  If you have, and checked on the underside of their fronds (= to a fern’s leaf), you may have noticed some small raised bumps in interesting arrangements.  These are called sori, and house the many small dust –like spores that are the ferns reproductive structures.

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Sentinel Plant Network

By Brianne Zorn, KBGF Executive Director

Last week, Heidi and Brianne attended a training on the Sentinel Plant Network organized by the American Public Gardens Association. The mission of the Sentinel Plant Network is:

The Sentinel Plant Network contributes to plant conservation by engaging public garden professionals, volunteers, and visitors in the detection and diagnosis of high consequence pests and pathogens.


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Irrigation...with just a Twist


By Brianne Zorn, KBGF Executive Director

In early July, we installed irrigation in our upper garden area, where the new conditions are hotter and drier than they have been historically due to the new parking lot.This project was long overdue at KBG. We decided to install a residential-grade system, and we were impressed by how simple the process was!We thought we’d share with you some of the things we learned, so you can install a small system of your own.



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Student Art at KBG

For many years now, KBGF and the City of Shoreline have partnered with local art students to install temporary art in the garden. This year, we are proud to be partnering with Lynn Hull’s 3D Art and Sculpture class at North Seattle Community College.  On May 29, we completed the first step in the public art installation process: the maquette review.


Staff Picks for the Mother's Day Sale

By Roseann Beaudry, KBGF Horticulturist and MsK Nursery Manager

Looking for a special plant this year?  Our horticultural staff have identified some of their staff picks for our Mother's Day Sale May 10-12, 2013.  Here's Roseann's pick for the sale:

roseroot2Rhodiola rosea - roseroot stonecrop (syn. Sedum rosea) Crassulaceae

Our introduction to Roseroot came when Dr. Kruckeberg shared a journal article which discussed the ongoing modern research of this species. He thought that we should try to grow this interesting and lovely plant. Known as an herbal adaptagen, Roseroot has been used in traditional European and Asian medicine for over three thousand years.


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Simple Propagation: Division


Ever wonder what to do with your overgrown perennials?Well…divide them!This is the time of year to divide plants that have either outgrown their space, or are developing a dead patch in the center.Many of the familiar garden perennials are prime candidates for this type of simple propagation.It takes a minimal amount of tools, just a little bit of forethought and preparation.



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